Baby Fotos

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baby_rox.jpg (8531 bytes) Here we are as little pups...just 3 weeks old.

Mom & Dad don't have any more baby photos of me (Uno) because they only saw me this one time when I was little.  The next time they saw me, I was 11 months old!

baby_uno.jpg (6450 bytes)
bruno.jpg (8476 bytes) This is our "real" Mom & Dad.  Our dad's name is Bruno, and our Mom's name is Pebbles.  We were the only two fawns in the whole litter...our other 5 brothers and sisters were all brindles. pebbles.jpg (7823 bytes)
rox_dad1.jpg (18744 bytes)

Here I am at about 7 weeks old with my dad.  Mom & Dad have been dressing me up right from the start!

rox_dad2.jpg (33878 bytes)

This is me and Dad again...I'm a Daddy's Pup!  I was about 4 months old here.

rox_pouting.jpg (17060 bytes)

When I was little, I used to be able to fit under the bed.  Whenever I did something bad and got scolded, I would hide and pout under here until Mom & Dad gave in to my sad puppy-dog eyes.